Portfolio Cover Letter

Dear readers,

Yesterday, “when is your first final?” my friend asked me. I answered: “UWP 001, on Tuesday.” At that moment, I realized final week is coming. This quarter will end soon. Although the quarter is not so long, but valuable. I learn many things from teacher and classmates.

Before taking UWP 001, I only wrote the analysis, evidences and so on. I rarely put my emotion into the paper. However, learning to express my own emotion in the paper is not a bad idea, which is the first thing I learnt in the UWP 001. I still remember that sentence: “XXX, get your shxt together.” This a professor’s rude reply to his student. Although it was not appropriate in email, it indeed expressed what professor was thinking. When I read this email, I can understand professor’s feeling. He was so angry because he want his student to know what he did will influence his future. This is why pathos is magical. According to “Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing”, Laura Bolin Carroll stated that pathos can be a very powerful appeal if the writer wants to “persuade the audience in a very short amount of time, which is why it is used heavily in print advertisements, billboards, or television commercials” (Carroll, volume 1, 2010). Once author appeals the audiences’ emotion successfully, audiences will automatically follow the author’ ideas. In my assignment 2, it was my first time to use pathos in the paper. I wrote about how my high-school English textbook is useless; it only contained the basic knowledge that students already learnt before. In my paper, I said: “at that moment, I began to suspect that I just experienced a time travel. ‘Did I go back to the elementary school?’”

Besides pathos, I also learnt how to write the research paper. I believe, in the future, I will write many research papers. However, I have no idea how to write it. Luckily, UWP 001 solve my problem. During preparing for assignment 4, I leant how to find credible resources and how to cite the resource. In both of them, the more important is how to find credible resources. Formerly, before writing papers, teachers provided all of evidences. I never search for it by myself. This time, I did it. I used the UC Davis library system to collect useful information. If I was lucky enough, I could directly found the appropriate articles or journals. If I cannot find them in library, I also can search it online. Nevertheless, the teacher also mentioned that resources in Wikipedia could not be cited directly because they were not reliable. For example, I found the data about interview of Harvard admission in the Wikipedia: “John A. Byrne said there are usually more than 2000 applicants interviewed for admission to Harvard MBA program.” However, I did not cite it directly. Instead of, I found the reference at the bottom of the website and cited from original article, “Toughest Questions HBS Asks Applicants”.

Thank you,

Jiaduan Zhang


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